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Facts and Previous Success

Provio Ltd. is the official global distributor, supplier and licensee for IRON GYMTM. IRON GYM is known for our multifunctional and easy-to-use home training equipment, with industry leading marketing materials and eye-catching retail packaging. The Original IRON GYMTM Total Upper Body Workout Bar was launched in the U.S. autumn 2008. It quickly became the most sold fitness product and category leader, selling over 20 million units to date. IRON GYM provides our partners with an excellent fast growing brand with market leading and innovative products, top quality marketing support and marketing materials.

Partner with IRON GYM for Future Success

IRON GYM is looking to partner up with professional distributors, retailers, sales agents and sales agencies to join us in making IRON GYM brand a big success in your country. You will have access to world class marketing materials and will be supported by a highly experienced telesales team. We provide you with easy-to-sell products, tested and approved by thousands of retailers and millions of consumers worldwide.

For Better Strength,
Mr. Pentti Vartiainen,

INTRODUCING IRON GYM 360° - Focus on Consumer Journey

We have mapped out a simple 3-point IRON GYM consumer journey and brand experience:

  • Pre-Purchase Experience
  • Purchase Experience
  • Post-Purchase Experience

We have created 5 simple steps to focus our consumer communications:

  • Step 1: Brand Awareness
  • Step 2: Connect & Attract
  • Step 3: Communicate Benefits
  • Step 4: Convince
  • Step 5: Brand Engagement

IRON GYM 360° Step 1

Brand Awareness, Pre-Purchase Experience

IRON GYM has developed key brand associations / sponsorships with world class events to increase and build brand awareness. When you partner with IRON GYM you will have access to fast growing brand awareness and the consumer pull we are creating.

IRON GYM 360° Step 2

Connect & Attract, Pre-Purchase Experience

The 1st Area for the consumer is outside of the store and at the store entrance. This is where we build brand awareness, connect the consumer with our brand and proposition. Attract consumers, deliver the key message and guide the consumer to the fitness area in store.

IRON GYM 360° Step 3

Communicate Benefits, Purchase Experience

The 2nd Area is the actual fitness area where the products are merchandised. This is where we inform and communicate categories and benefits of the products.

IRON GYM 360° Step 4

Convince, The Purchase Experience

The 3rd Area is by the product. This is where we convince the consumer. We have redesigned new retail cartons to encourage, touch and engage. These new packagings highlight the key features and benefits with distinctive IRON GYM brand and strong emotive imagery.

IRON GYM 360° Step 5

5 Brand Engagement, Post-Purchase Experience

We have launched IRON GYM Training Academy to engage the consumer now and going forward. Training Academy assists consumers achieving their fitness goals with useful fitness articles, training and nutrition guides, Instructional, training and product assembly -videos. There will be many more opportunities with our trade partners. We link up with partner websites that offer strong content.


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