The Iron Gym team touched down in London this past weekend to play our part at the international combat and strength show – SENI, held this year at London’s 02 Soccerdome.

With thousands of visitors walking through the gates not only to spectate but also participate the Iron Gym demo door was in prime location for spectators, young and old, to stroll up and attempt as many pull-ups as they could.
With so much to see and do across the busy weekend, the highlight of the show for Iron Gym was having Britain’s strongest man Eddie Hall take to the stand to give a media master class in how to perform a dead lift and shoulder lift. Standing at 6ft 3 inches tall and weighing in at a staggering 27 stone, 26 year old Eddie gathered quite a crowd due to his sheer size alone, before wowing the gathering crowd by lifting one particular 11 stone journalist above his head to pose for photos.
A special mention must also go out to all the competitors in the Iron Gym sponsored Arm Wars world series who competed with a great deal of strength and determination. if you didn’t make it along to the event be sure to catch all of the action on your TV by tuning into Eurosport.

The next stop for the team is Las Vegas where Iron Gym will be on location for the prestigious Mr. Olympia event and the latest stop on the Arm Wars calendar, again filmed on location for Eurosport.

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