Ever wondered what it takes to make it into the army? How many push-ups are needed to be passed suitably fit? What differences there are between normal push-ups and military push-ups? IRON GYM has all the answers that you need to get military strong.


First things first, to best help you get military strong, pick up the IRON GYM Push-Up Max – a revolutionary 3-in-1 functionality that both varies the push-up routine as well as ensuring you keep challenging your muscles to perform and improve.


Next you need to know how to perform a military push-up. This varies from a normal push up because of the position of your elbows whilst performing a push-up. A normal push-up sees your elbows apart from the body, whilst a military push-up sees you keep your elbows close to your body. This exerts more pressure on your triceps than the average push-up.


So, how many do you need to do to make it in the military? To pass the United States Army Basic Training Physical Fitness Test you are required to perform 35 (17-21 age group) or 31 (22-26 age group) in two minutes. They also have to be in perfect form as well, any that aren’t won’t be counted to your final tally.


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The Military push-up