We all know that the Christmas period can include a lot of eating, so instead of making up for lost time in the New Year why not get ahead of the game and start your winter shred early?

We have a number of products that can help you pre-empt the Christmas weight gain and ensure you stay in shape throughout the holiday season. 


The IRON GYM Speed Abs is the perfect tool for toning your abs. Targeting a powerful core, chiselled shoulders, bulging biceps, carved triceps and a ripped six-pack, Speed Abs can transform your upper body quickly, as well as increasing endurance as you train. Perfect for keeping your abs toned no matter how much you eat on Christmas Day!


A gym-in-a-box, the IRON GYM Extreme pull up bar allows you to perform a number of upper body exercises from the arch of your doorframe. The ultimate way to keep your fitness levels up from the comfort of your own home, the extreme bar is also transferable to the floor, allowing you to extend your range of exercises to dips and sit ups.


Whatever the time, with IRON GYM Push Up Max you will always be able to exercise quickly and effectively. A 3-in-1 functionality allows you to vary your push up exercises and muscles are more effectively targeted to ensure efficiency during your workout. Intensify your push ups with elevation racks, challenge your core with instability discs and activate the rotating push up grips to target specific muscles.

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