All new for 2016, IRON GYM are excited to launch an additional category to their market leading range of home fitness equipment: Fitness @ Home, encompassing 8 products In total.


The new line of products, ready to order now and in stock in the EU from February 2016 is headed up by Iron Gym’s best-in-class abdominal trainer, Speed Abs, the ab-wheel with a revolutionary internal assist system to provide resistance and assistance throughout the full range of motion.


Underpinned by 4 new product groups including: Rollers, Exercise Mats, Exercise Balls and Speed Ropes Fitness @ Home contains products targeted to males, females along with beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts.


Full Product Line-Up


IRON GYM Speed Abs™

The fast way to transform your floor into the ultimate workout platform for strong, ripped abs! Speed Abs lets you do all of the exercises you need to get a ripped six-pack, powerful core, chiselled shoulders, bulging biceps, carved triceps, increased endurance and a supercharged metabolism!


Internal Assist System provides superior resistance (as you roll out) and assistance (as you roll in), for longer sets and full range of motion with every rep.


IRON GYM Trigger Point Roller

The Trigger Point Roller by IRON GYM® utilises a G.R.I.D. of varied density foam to provide a hyper-realistic massage experience. A versatile tool for recovery and prevent injuries or to achieve a killer core body workout.


IRON GYM Massage Roller

The best way to speed up your recovery and prevent injuries. By using the IRON GYM® Massage Roller after intense training improves recovery time and flexibility by releasing muscle tightness. Perfect for all fitness levels!


IRON GYM Exercise Mat

A soft and comfortable 6mm non-slip exercise mat which rolls for easy storage transport with an included carrying strap. The closed cell foam materials are non-absorbent & wipe clean.


IRON GYM Exercise / Yoga Mat

Great for yoga, a variety of stretches and floor exercises. The IRON GYM Exercise / Yoga Mat insulates the body from rough or cold surfaces. Essential for home training.





IRON GYM Exercise Ball

Available in one of two sizes (55 & 66cm) the burst-resistant IRON GYM Exercise Ball improves flexibility, posture, co-ordination and balance and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of exercises. Get up and running quick with included pump.


IRON GYM Wire Speed Rope

A fully adjustable 3m PVC-coated steel wire measuring 2.4mm in diameter that’s tangle proof and fast. Arriving ready for use – it’s the perfect training partner for beginner to professional athletes and for activities including Boxing, HIIT, Functional Fitness Training, MMA and Kickboxing.


IRON GYM Speed Rope

A nylon construction Speed Rope with cushioned anti-slip foam grips built to help improve footwork, speed, balance and agility. A smooth and fast rotation will provides an Xtreme workout for weight loss, muscle toning and increased cardiovascular fitness. Workout anytime, anyplace!


The IRON GYM Fitness @ Home collection sits alongside the expanded IRON GYM Strength @ Home collection and will be joined by the IRON GYM Weight Gym @ Home product collection in Summer 2016.


The full IRON GYM line contains over 30 superior fitness products offered at a price point and technical offering to match any fitness level. Retailers can also benefit from IRON GYM 360° - a simple 5 step plan focusing on brand awareness that’ll communicate key brand messages, engage consumers and lead to purchase.