With summer firmly on the horizon and people far and wide looking forward to hitting the beach on their summer holidays IRON GYM recently held a press day to educate journalists on how to quickly achieve an envious summer body, tone their shoulders and arms and perform the perfect pull-up.

In a day filled with breaking down preconceptions, personal trainer Rich helped prove that regardless of your starting body shape, performing a pull up is by no means out of reach. From the comfort of your own home, follow Richard's step-by-step guide below using the Xtreme+ and you too can achieve a sculpted look in no time.

Exercise 1: Postural hang - hang from the pull-up bar aligning the head, shoulders, hips and knees. Maintain tension and ‘lift’ through the shoulders. Progress: 30 sec holding in correct position.

Exercise 2: Lower lifts - from the hang position, keep the elbows extended and ‘lift’ the chest through the shoulders. Progress: 10 x with 2 sec pause.

Exercise 3: Full range eccentric pull-ups - use resistance bands to raise to the top of the bar. Lower under control for a count of five seconds. Progress: 5 x without loss of control/speed.

Exercise 4: Hanging pull-up accelerations - from the hang position, imagine attempting to complete a full range pull-up. Attempt the lift with speed and hold the ‘sticking’ point for three seconds. Progress: Attempt 5 x per session.

Exercise 5: Full range Fit Assist pull-ups – use resistance bands to attempt full pull-ups. Progress: 5 x full range reps.

Exercise 6: Full range unassisted pull-up – as above unassisted. Progress: 5 x full range reps.

Download exercise as pdf