IRON GYM kick started the Decathlon Door Tour with a trip to Harlow on Saturday as shoppers enjoyed an expert demonstration of the IRON GYM XTREME+.


The Door Tour sees IRON GYM visit seven stores around the UK during December and January where you will be able to test out the IRON GYM XTREME+ for yourselves.


IRON GYM XTREME+ takes the same gym-in-a-box approach as the original IRON GYM total upper body workout bar but boasts a number of additional design features that take your upper body strength and fitness workout options to the extreme.


See below for remaining six locations on the IRON GYM Decathlon Door Tour:


-       Stockport, 20th December (10am-5pm)

-       Sheffield, 21st December (11am-5pm)

-       Surrey Quays, 10th January (10am-5pm)

-       Lakeside, 11th January (11am-5pm)

-       Oxford, 17th January (10am-5pm)

-       Reading, 18th January (11am-5pm)


For addresses of each Decathlon store please visit:


IRON GYM Door Tour, Harlow 2014