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IRON ARMS: A Day with the biggest names in Arm Wrestling

Monday, December 30, 2013 2:13:55 PM Europe/Helsinki


The IRON GYM™ sponsored ARM WARS has travelled the globe since 2008 showcasing its wrestlers, promotions and the world of arm wrestling to an ever growing and enthusiastic audience. Esteemed fans of the sport include a certain Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, an ever-present figure at the Arnold Classic, held in Madrid on October 11th.

With the season over after the Valhalla event in Gothenburg, Sweden, it was the chance for the media to taste some of the arm action and get an insight into the preparation and training it takes to reach the very top of this growing sport. Athletes present for a specially hosted IRON GYM media day were none other than former World Champion Neil Pickup and current UK Champions Ted Wilson and Ian Stone.

Techniques showcased on the day included –

The Top-roll – one of the oldest and most effective arm wrestling techniques. Top-rolling turns arm wrestling from a showdown based on bicep and forearm strength into a full arm strategic contest. The key to top-rolling is to work your hand up your opponent’s palm with the goal being your hand wrapped around the top part of his with him holding the bottom part of yours.

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