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  1. IRON GYM MAX + Pull Up Boost for FREE

    IRON GYM MAX + Pull Up Boost for FREE

    Special Offer: You Save 39,95€

    SPECIAL OFFER: Buy IRON GYM MAX and get Pull Up Boost for FREE! (Save 39,95€).

    Pull Up BOOST with IRON GYM MAX is the perfect combination for assisted Pull Ups, Chin Ups and Push Ups. With Pull Up Boost features easily adjustable assistance 15-45kg. Pull Up Boost helps build strength as you work your way up to unassisted pull ups, chin ups and push ups.

    IRON GYM MAX is extended version of the legendary IRON GYM Original bar. IRON GYM MAX has 2 additional grips for advanced training!

    • Shiny platinum finish!
    • Fits up to 90cm wide door frames!
    • Extended cross bar for more challenging push ups
    • Free IRON GYM® personal trainer video download
    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Professional-grade comfort foam grips
    • Includes upper body workout guide
    • Strengthen and tone your biceps, triceps, chest, arms, shoulders and abs
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    Starting at: €39.95

  2. Weight Vest + Iron Grip for FREE

    Weight Vest + Iron Grip for FREE

    Buy Weight Vest and get Iron Grip for FREE (Value 29.95€)

    Discount is automatically calculated at the Checkout!

    Weight Vest - Amplify your results!

    Increase the challenge of your workout and amplify your results! Weight vest by IRON GYM® comes with a full set of weights that can be adjusted from 1 to 10 kg.

    38 easily removable 250g sand bags are evenly distributed, providing comfortable & tight stay close to your body even under the most intense workouts. Shoulder straps have extra padding to ease the burden on your shoulders & openings for neck and arms are spacious, giving you full range of motion in every exercise.

    IRON GRIP for FREE! (Value 29,95€)

    Iron Grip allows you to work beyond your grip strength! Iron Grip takes the burden of your fingers and forearms and transfers it to your back, shoulders, arms and traps. Iron Grip is perfect tool to enhance your grip for deadlifts, pull ups, cable row exercises, any exercise that grip fatigue becomes an issue.

    Comfort, safety and practicality combined with quality materials!

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    Starting at: €29.95

  3. Upperbody Training Home Bundle

    Upperbody Training Home Bundle

    Perfect bundle for Super-Effective Upperbody Training

    Perfect bundle for Upperbody Training @Home

    Push Up MAX: The Ultimate 3 in 1 Push Up Workout!

    Massage Roller: Speed Up Recovery and Prevent Injuries!

    IRON GYM NEW: Extended Total Upper body Workout Bar!

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    Starting at: €24.95

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