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Adjustable assistance for pull ups and push ups

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Gain assistance for both pull ups & push ups!

Pull Up Boost by IRON GYM® turns any pull-up bar into a high-powered, full-body workout machine! Pull Up Boost helps build strength as you work your way up to unassisted pull ups, chin ups and push ups.

Pull Up Boost by IRON GYM® will take you from any starting fitness level to above and beyond the bar. Improve arm, shoulders and chest strength with assisted pull ups, chin ups & push ups. Build stabilizer muscles in abs and back with planks, pushups and knee ups!

The IRON GYM® Pull Up Boost features a revolutionary design that helps offset up to 45 kg ( 100 lbs ) of bodyweight for pull ups, chin ups and push ups, allowing anyone to gradually work their way up to completing the most difficult of exercises unassisted.

Perfect for all fitness levels!


  • Gain assistance for pull ups, chin up & push ups
  • Perform full-body workouts
  • Maximize effectiveness of every repetition


  • Easily adjustable assistance
  • Design allows you to customize your level of support
  • Works great with IRON GYM® pull up bars

The PULL UP-BOOST™ features a revolutionary design that helps offset up to 100lbs of bodyweight for pull ups and push ups, allowing anyone to gradually work their way up to completing the most difficult of exercises unassisted.

Exercises are completed by using three easily interchanged, high strength rubber cables that can be adjusted to provide the optimum amount of resistance, depending on the exercise and the person completing it. To increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise simply add or remove one or two of the three cables before starting your workout.

Pull Ups

Pull Up Boost is a training tool that allows users to progress to unassisted pull up exercises. By providing bodyweight support, the Pull Up Boost™ allows you to increase your reps and improve your pull up technique.

Push Ups

Perform assisted push ups by adjusting the height of the Pull Up Boost so it provides adequate lift from the ground.

Balancing your workouts to combat muscle imbalance

It is important to work and develop your muscles evenly. Muscle imbalances in the body can cause minor or severe pain, as well as promote unnatural movement and posture habits that can lead to injury. Muscle imbalances also create inefficiency in the body that actually reduces functional strength. There are two basic muscle movements you’ll use to balance your body; pulling movements and pushing movements. Pulling exercises are always paired with pushing exercises. This simple rule will help you develop more balanced results faster!


  • One slip-resistant knee/foot stirrup with patented 3-in-1 resistance band pocket 
  • Three 40cm (16-inch) resistance bands - 15kg (33 lbs.) peak resistance each 
  • One bar attachment, comprised of a high-density support strap with 3-in-1 resistance band pocket and a bar attachment 
  • Push Up Belt - for assisted push ups
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Tht'as going to make my first pullup!
Tht'as going to make things a lot easier from here on . Review by Jennabel

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