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IRON GYM® Training Academy is all about You reaching your fitness goals.

We are happy to launch the first steps of IRON GYM's Training Academy now. Purpose of this site is to provide the IRON GYM users and home trainers all over the world useful information about training effectively in your home environment.

It Starts now! We will keep adding content to this site, so stay tuned, and order the Newsletter for Training videos, Nutrition guides, Instructional videos and Challenges.

IRON GYM Trainer is Richard Scrivener. Richard is a Personal Training Coach with over 10 years’ experience within the industry. His coaching philosophy is one of ‘building health from the ground up’ and is a stalwart believer in ‘practicing what he preaches’.

Richard has worked as a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Lecturer, a Health and Fitness Course Developer, Strength and Conditioning Coach (athlete focused) and Nutritional Therapist. He also works widely with lots of the top fitness publications as an author, fitness model and contributing expert.